The Spanish capital has a large and varied network of old food markets that today have been renovated and have different uses. Do you know the most important markets in Madrid? Here we leave you 5!

Mercado San Miguel

This market is in the Madrid square that has the same name, next to Calle Mayor. It was inaugurated on May 13, 1916, and in 2009 it was reopened after two years of renovations, maintaining the charm of this building, which is the only one built in iron that has survived to the present day.

After the reform, this market has become the reference gourmet market. In it you will find different stalls where you can enjoy some oysters, a vermouth, tapas,… The ideal place to have an aperitif. It is also considered an asset of cultural interest in the category of monument.

Mercado de San Anton

In the Plaza de Antón Martín, on Calle Santa Isabel, we find this market that has also been recently restored after five long years of work. This Chueca market hosts both international gastronomic events such as film presentations, plays, flashmobs, and is the first food market with a cultural and gastronomic projection.

It has an area of 7,500 square meters and 26 stalls, services for people with disabilities and is also respectful of the environment as it has solar thermal panels for hot water and photovoltaic panels for electricity generation.

In addition, this market has a restaurant terrace at the top in which the concept is applied: “The kitchen of San Antón” in which you choose the product in the market and they cook it for you to your liking.

Mercado de San Ildefonso

The San Ildefonso market is located on the corner of Calle Fuencarral and Santa Bárbara. It was the first covered food market in the capital and has now become a ‘street food market’ in Malasaña.

It has nearly 700 square meters spread over three floors, with a total of 18 stalls and three beverage service bars (one for each floor). This modern building with an industrial look also has a patio on the second floor that has an urban garden and the Espacio Sorpresa where avant-garde cocktails are served. A large 8-meter-high tree made of rope that presides over the main floor stands out.

Mercado Barcelo

Also located in the Malasana neighborhood (Calle de Barcelo, 6) next to the Vargas Llosa library, this market is a new building after five years of renovation. It opened its doors in September 2014 and behind them there are 7,150 square meters distributed over four levels.

There are stalls both to buy and to eat, maintaining the spirit and essence of a food market. Also on the second floor you will find the “Malasana Market”, a showcase with unique and quality proposals, presented by artisans, designers and creators of all kinds.

Mercado Platea

On Calle Goya (5-7) in the Madrid district of Salamanca, this market was the old Carlos III Cinema. Lazaro Rosa-Violan is the interior designer, in charge of this space, who has been able to turn this cinema into the Platea project. It has chefs with six Michelin stars and eleven Repsol Guide suns, such as Paco Roncero, Ramon Freixa, Marcos Moran or Pepe Solla.

It is a project that encompasses entertainment and gastronomy. It has almost 6,000 square meters distributed over five floors, with capacity for 1,100 people and has access from Goya, Hermosilla and Marques de Zurgena. It has 20 stalls and a single restaurant on the top floor called “Arriba” where you can enjoy the food that the chef with two Michelin stars, Ramon Freixa, offers at an affordable price.

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