Madrid, the vibrant capital city of Spain, offers a plethora of trendy rooftop bars that boast stunning views of the city skyline, along with stylish ambiance and excellent cocktails. With its pleasant weather and lively atmosphere, Madrid is the perfect destination to enjoy a drink or two while taking in panoramic views of the city. In this article, we will highlight five of Madrid’s best rooftop bars that offer an unforgettable experience, combining breathtaking vistas with chic vibes.

Best rooftop bars in Madrid

1. Rooftop bar Floor 9 CR7

rooftop bar floor 9 CR7 in madrid

Rooftop Bar Floor 9 CR7, located in the Gran Via area, is a trendy rooftop bar that exudes glamour and style. This rooftop bar is part of the Hotel Pestana Plaza Mayor and is owned by the famous Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo. With its sleek and modern design, cozy seating, and panoramic views of the city, Rooftop Bar Floor 9 CR7 offers a chic ambiance for sipping cocktails and enjoying the Madrid skyline.

2. 360° Rooftop Bar

360 rooftop bar in madrid

360 Rooftop Bar, located in the Gran Via area, is a popular rooftop bar that offers stunning 360-degree views of Madrid. Perched atop the iconic El Corte Inglés building, this rooftop bar offers a panoramic view of the city, including famous landmarks such as the Royal Palace and Almudena Cathedral. With its contemporary design, comfortable seating, and creative cocktails, 360 Rooftop Bar is a must-visit for panoramic views of Madrid.

3. Azotea del Circulo

azotea del circulo in madrid

Azotea del Circulo, located in the historic Circulo de Bellas Artes building, is a rooftop bar that offers a unique blend of historical charm and modern sophistication. This rooftop bar is known for its panoramic views of Madrid, including the Gran Via and the Retiro Park. Azotea del Circulo also hosts cultural events and exhibitions, making it a vibrant cultural hub in addition to being a popular rooftop bar.

4. La Terraza del Hotel Emperador

la terraza del hotel emperador in madrid

La Terraza del Hotel Emperador, located in the Gran Via area, is a rooftop bar that offers a tranquil oasis with poolside vibes in the heart of Madrid. This rooftop bar features a stunning swimming pool, comfortable loungers, and panoramic views of the city. With its relaxed and tropical ambiance, La Terraza del Hotel Emperador is a perfect spot to unwind and enjoy a refreshing cocktail while taking in the Madrid skyline.

5. La Terraza de Oscar

la terraza de oscar in madrid

La Terraza de Oscar, located in the trendy Chueca neighborhood, is a chic rooftop bar that offers fashionable flair and panoramic views of Madrid. This rooftop bar is part of the Hotel Room Mate Oscar and is known for its stylish design, trendy ambiance, and creative cocktails. With its fashionable vibe and stunning views, La Terraza de Oscar is a hotspot for Madrid’s trendy crowd and a must-visit for rooftop bar enthusiasts.